Welcome to the Year of the Green Horse

It’s Chinese New Year, and at Green & Green we are particularly excited this year – the symbolism of the Green Horse bodes well for us and our growing family of clients.


Otherwise known as the Year of the Wooden Horse, the New Year starts just after midnight on Friday, January 31st and marks the beginning of a 15-day celebration: a festival of feasting, social events and, of course, gift-giving!


For the first time in 60 years, the 2014 Chinese New Year incorporates the element of wood – associated with trees and greenery and growth – and that’s why it’s also referred to as the Year of the Green Horse.

There are many traditions and customs associated with Chinese New Year. Food and delicious treats are high on the list when celebrating with family and friends. Popular dishes include steamed rice pudding, long noodles, dumplings and nian gao cake but there’s always much more on offer!

The incoming year is often a time when a family will clean house, de-clutter and reorganize their house’s feng shui in order to attract good luck and repel negative energy. Windows and doors are often decorated with red emblems, such as the Fu symbol. These correspond with good fortune, the joy of sharing and celebration.

This is a time when many families will gather for a big reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve, and for Chinese people to connect through community events as part of their New Year celebrations.

Fireworks, firecrackers, red clothing, and costumes, dragon dances, lanterns – and did I mention great food? – are all part of the festive atmosphere observed during Chinese New Year period.

So what can you expect for the Year of the Horse? 2014 will be a year of blessings and challenges. While not all signs are “lucky” this 2014, good luck can be enhanced through the use of charms. These might include treasure buckets for wealth, a jade dragonhead fish for one’s career, a jade master protection pendant for safety, longevity coins for health, and a Mandarin duck for romance and relationships. For overall luck, try the “benefactor jade”.Jade Horses from Cloudery

Our clients include many Chinese business people and leaders in the Chinese community. At Green & Green you will find a thorough understanding of the Chinese culture and years of experience. We pride ourselves in our expert approach to gift selections and appropriate ways of acknowledging business partners, employees and organizational successes. Let us help you mark this Chinese New Year, the Year of the Wooden Horse with ease and grace.

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New Year 2014 -2

PS: If you were born in the Year of the Horse…

People born in Horse years (2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906) are bright, cheerful, popular and fun-loving. They find people and crowds exciting and love parties. Horses are often young-at-heart with sunny dispositions and the natural charm to attract many friends. Because the Horse is a highly intuitive animal, people under the sign of the Horse trust their gut and follow their hunches. Sound judgment and natural intuition often help them make the right decisions throughout their life. Usually they don’t have to try too hard to succeed and obtain the wherewithal to enjoy a comfortable life.