Chinese New Year: How to stand out this Lunar New Year


Chinese New Year is the most significant holiday in the Chinese culture; here are 5 gift giving tips to help you strengthen business and personal relationships.

  1. The choice of gift is important in Chinese culture. How much you spend on it, how the gift is wrapped and presented are equally important. The value of the gift depends on the occasion and your relationship to the recipient. In business settings where more than one person will receive a gift, the most senior person should receive the most expensive gift. Never give the same gift to people of different ranks in the company.


    Red Kingdom

  1. With gifts, avoid knives or any other sharp objects as it signifies the severance of the relationship; clocks imply death, while shoes or gift cards for footwear imply the ‘walking out’ of the relationship.
  1. When in a group, always hand your gift to the most senior person first. Use both hands when offering the gift as a sign of your respect. Gifts are not opened in public.
  1. Use brightly colored gift wrap like red, pink, yellow or gold. These colors symbolize prosperity, happiness and good fortune.


    Heavenly Lotus

  1. Appreciated gifts: Foreign branded goods; fine wines and imported alcohol; quality writing pens; gifts in sets of 6 or 8 (never 4); good quality handmade goods from your country that are not easily available in the recipient’s own home country.


If you are visiting a Chinese friend for the Lunar New Year, remember to bring a small gift. Food items such as fruit baskets are always welcome; ensure that you include mandarins as they symbolize abundance, good luck and wealth.


Pass the Courvoisier

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