5 Tips for Saying Thanks

Thank You Neon

1. Use Both Hands
When accepting a gift in person, hold the gift with both hands when you receive it. This indicates that you are open to the gift and the person who gave it to you. It demonstrates to the giver that all your attention is devoted to the gift and that you are treating it with care.

2. Say Thanks In Person
If possible, try to say thank you in person. If you have received a gift in the mail, it is very considerate to take the giver out for a coffee or meet for lunch to say thank you. The willingness to take time out of your life goes a long way to demonstrate that the gift made a meaningful impact. If you can’t meet face-to-face, a hand-written note is always a thoughtful way to demonstrate your gratitude.

3. Speak Clearly
When actually saying the all-important words “thank you”, remember to smile and speak in a clear, friendly voice. It is essential that the giver hears these words, so speak clearly and emphatically.

4. Be Specific
Be specific about what you are saying thank you for, which likely goes beyond the gift itself. Acknowledge the aspects of your personal or business relationship that you appreciate. Tell the giver a little bit about why the gift is meaningful in your life and how you intend to use it. For example, if you have received a bottle of wine, you could explain that you and your partner will enjoy it the next time you are celebrating an accomplishment or milestone.

5. Be sensitive to different cultures customs of gift exchange.
In Japan it is customary to wait until the gift giver is not present to open the gift. In Chinese culture, recipients often refuse the gift before accepting it. It is not necessary to engage in these customs if it is not your culture, but be sensitive to them, and let the gift giver set the tone of the exchange.

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