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Local Beer Basket

Filled with seven handpicked 650mL samplers from local brewers, and represents the best of BC beer.

Potlatch Bowl Deluxe

These intricately carved bowls were an essential part of this important ceremony.

Christian LaCroix Cufflinks

Cufflinks Logotype.

Martini Gift Basket

Shaken not Stirred – Master the fine art of making a killer martini. Just add ice.

Happy Thanksgiving
Why should we be happy?

If there’s one thing that I have learnt in life, it is that “happiness is here, right in front of me”!

If I say to myself – what do I have to be happy about… WELL!!!! that doesn’t take me long to find what I have to be happy about…
Its right here, right here in front of me… I call it DELICIOUS!

‘Delicious’ gives me a choice and it gives me a chance —- I could choose not to be happy, or I could choose to look around me and recognize all the deliciousness in my life.

It takes little time and effort – maybe it’s a small gesture of acknowledgement from someone – the bus driver saying good morning, my son giving me a kiss on the cheek, even if he is five minutes late for school and it was more of a blur than a kiss.  I feel good when I seek out to acknowledge someone else, whether it is a waiter or a cashier at the grocery store. It makes me feel good.

Imagine taking a moment at the end of your day or after a meeting to reflect if you sought out and acknowledged someone else or “made their day”. What stood out for you that made you feel good? What was outstanding and gave you a “kick” of goodness from your actions towards others.

Playing the “reel of your day” keeps you “in check”. It is easy to forget the good we experience or kindness received because we are so busy and caught up with our list of things to do and places to go.

This Thanksgiving, seek out to acknowledge someone, to give them the gift of your polished presence. Invite autumn’s harvest with grace, kindness, thoughtfulness and most importantly to remember to have fun so that the memories of this Thanksgiving are bountiful.

Be sure to check our website for our latest offerings, we are adding new ideas frequently in gearing up for the holiday season.

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Happy Thanksgiving & all my best,

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